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Local 6 members are trained and certified to service and install any piping system and equipment associated with gas, medical gas, high-pressure steam, condensate, ammonia, heating and cooling water, glycol systems, refrigeration, and plumbing systems.


Whether you’re at the beginning
of your career or considering upgrade training, Local #6 has the right answer for you. Our extensive training opportunities include:

5-year Paid Apprenticeships

Beginning a new career as a Local #6 apprentice is exciting and rewarding. Unlike other career paths, we provide a paid apprenticeship, with progressive pay increases along the way.

This provides economic stability and professional advancement for our newest members along the way.

Local 6 is committed to training delivering one of the best training programs in the industry. Throughout your apprenticeship you will continue to improve your skills and become a highly skilled and trained UA Craftsman. This training will allow you to make a great wage, provide health insurance for you and your family, and the security of knowing that when the time comes, you can retire comfortably.

Apprentices are indentured in the program for 5 years. During this time, each works with a contractor and attends school two nights a week. Upon completion of the program and State testing, the apprentice becomes fully qualified and licensed journeyman in their chosen specialty.


Eligibility Requirements


Wage Rates


1st Year

2nd Year

3rd Year

4th Year

5th Year







Base Pay












Year: 1st Year
Percentage: 50%
Base Pay: $21.53
Fringe Benefits: $14.74

Year: 2nd Year
Percentage: 55%
Base Pay: $24.39
Fringe Benefits: $15.50

Year: 3rd Year
Percentage: 60%
Base Pay: $26.12
Fringe Benefits: $17.40

Year: 4th Year
Percentage: 70%
Base Pay: $32.22
Fringe Benefits: $18.55

Year: 5th Year
Percentage: 80%
Base Pay: $39.47
Fringe Benefits: $18.55

These wage rates are effective
5/1/2022 ― 4/30/2025

After two months of working each new apprentice will qualify for health insurance!

Apply to Local 6 and the United
Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters today.

 The benefits will last throughout your career.

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